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Test of Tyme, LLC is a Monterey Peninsula-based full-service construction firm that restores, remodels, and builds high-quality homes. Over the years, the Test of Tyme partners has worked together along with selected high-end contractors on many homes in Pebble Beach, Carmel, and Carmel Valley and beyond, including many luxury estates on the ocean side of Seventeen Mile Drive. We take pride in our outstanding craftsmanship and creative vision. We have made an association with a cadre of top-level craftsmen that we believe gives the client the very best that’s available in the area.

The principals of the firm are also available for expert consulting on any home construction or renovation project.

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Known as one of the most sought-after artisans and consultants on the Monterey Peninsula, Don Whitaker and their hand-picked group of sub-contractors, have worked together to build or renovate many of the largest estates in the area. Due to their passion and talent, artistic vision, and top craftsmanship, they have been honored to work on many of the largest and most beautiful homes and structures in Carmel-by-the-Sea and Pebble Beach, including more than 20 homes on the ocean side of Seventeen Mile Drive in Pebble Beach as well as the Cypress Point Golf Course Club House and Pebble Beach and Tennis Club. Most recently, they have worked on a 28-room mansion near the Lone Cypress Tree. Their work, simply stated, is created to stand the Test of Tyme!

One of their specialties is in the replication and creation of Old World-inspired finishes (1680’s – 1740’s European style), as well as the creation of original pieces designed for a specific home or space. They also restore paintings and other works of art.

Since the establishment of Test of Tyme, LLC in 2008, Don Whitaker’s artistic work has been featured in the prestigious Perspectives on Design California, a publication on creative ideas shared by leading design professionals. This is a showcase of the state’s finest architects, artisans, homebuilders, landscape architects, interior designers, craftsmen, and other industry specialists, under whose creative direction the extraordinary is made possible. This publication is part of a popular series that spans the Southwest, Chicago, New England, Florida, and other design-savvy regions in North America and Europe.

Test of Tyme, LLC consists of artisans whose passions lie in the transformation of a home into an embodiment of three-dimensional art. According to Don Whitaker, “We are a community of craftsman and artisans that transform dwellings into habitable works of art. From the hand-laid tile individually treated to match flawlessly with one another to the revival of a damaged painting thought to be untreatable. Rustic furnishes, antique revitalization, old-world finishes, varnishes, and custom painting.”

Test of Tyme, LLC can transform every aspect of the average home into a marvelous homage to the old-world escapes captured off the pages of a European novella. The craftsmanship and artistic vision of every member of this team poured into the very foundation of each of their passionate projects. But the artistic skill of Test of Tyme, LLC extends beyond the palette of the metamorphosis. Their skills including restoring other art such as damaged sculptures, paintings, or manipulating unique pieces of art to fit with the motif of your home. Rejuvenating and recovering the vibrancy of art that was believed to be beyond saving, or modifying other pieces to synchronize fluidly to the ambiance of your living areas.


Licensed General Contractor #1022805

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